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Dog Simply Clean Classic Conditioning Shampoo

Dog Simply Clean Classic Conditioning Shampoo


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Plant-based shampoo cleans your dog without compromising their health or yours. Your dog will smell amazing and you'll love the way argan and jojoba oils enhance the natural softness and shine of their skin & coat.  And our (Eco dog Care) unique aromatic blend includes lavender, geranium and other essential oils selected in part because pests dislike these scents -- you'll have a better chance of stopping the hop on your dog and into your home. 
  • Shake contents gently
  • Keep ears dry
  • Use warm (not hot) water to thoroughly wet dog's skin and coat before adding shampoo. Add warm water to distribute shampoo as needed and remember that toxin-free can mean fewer bubbles. No worries. We've used this product in our (Eco Dog Care) LA dog care business for 10 years so it has just the right amount of bubbles. Pro-Tip: Let the shampoo sit for a few minutes so natural ingredients can penetrate your dog's skin and coat. Rinse off with cooler (not cold) water. 
Ingredients grouped by benefit for your dog:

Cleanse, moisturize & protect: aloe vera, argan, cocoamphoacetate (coconut-derived cleanser), glycerin, jojoba, olive oil squalane, vitamins A, B, D & E

Aromatics: basil, bergamot, cedarwood*, geranium*, lavender*, lemongrass*, myrrh, peppermint*, red thyme, sage, vanilla Other ingredients: citric acid (preservative), plant-based polysorbate 20 (emulsifier), plant-based xanthan (thickener), purified water

No alcohol, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, DEA, synthetic color or synthetic fragrance.

Safe for dogs 8 +weeks. Not for cats. Topical flea-treatment compatible. pH balanced. Cruelty-Free. Vegan. 

Although there are no formal standards for a dog's skin and coat care products, we (Eco Dog Care) review our ingredients against veterinary recommendations and the EWG's SkinDeep database and WholeFood's personal care standards to minimize risks to your skin and on the Earth's groundwater. 

  ** Environmental Working Group - an American activist group that specializes in research and advocacy in the areas of agricultural subsidies, toxic chemicals, drinking water pollutants, and corporate accountability.
   *  pests like fleas, ticks ad mosquitos naturally avoid the scent of these plants so they act as a natural deterrent -- our products do not contain neurotoxins so do not kill or repel pests

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.