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Just Breathe Anxiety Journal

Just Breathe Anxiety Journal


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A space to calm your mind & refocus your thoughts

It includes a meditation to help calm your body and mind and a thought restructuring exercise to help shift your negative thoughts to the positive. It inspires a new point of view and energy. 
This journal is:

• Undated so you can start at any point in the year.
• About 3 months of everyday use - 64 double sided prompt pages
• Measures 5.5x8.5 when closed.
• Spiral bound so it will lay flat to give you ample writing space.
• Built with a beautiful thick cover, thick 80# text weight pages and a sturdy tag board backing.

What's Inside
• The beginning of the book takes you through a deep breathing meditation to help calm your body and mind.
• The next section has a table to help target your anxiety triggers.
• The remainder of the pages are for thought restructuring.
• The top part of the page has a series of questions to help work through your thoughts.
• Below is a dot grid area to reflect on how you are feeling.
• The back of the page is set up as a free write and doodling area.